• Edit Menu : Added “Duplicate with Inputs” menu item, with Ctrl+D shortcut.

  • OptionTweaks : Added node for tweaking options in a scene.

  • OptionQuery : Added node for querying options from a scene.

  • StandardAttributes : Added automaticInstancing plug to allow instancing to be disabled on selected locations. Currently supported only by the Arnold renderer.


  • TweakPlug : Added the ability to set InternedStringData from StringData.

  • GraphEditor : Added a warning for attempts to open the node creation menu in a read-only graph.


  • Light Editor :

    • Added explanation to cell popup when a parameter cannot be edited because there are no editable sources.

    • Added an error icon to a cell with an explanation in the tooltip when there is an error computing its value (#4805).


  • SceneReader :

    • Fixed reading of Alembic files with animated visibility.

    • Fixed reading of primitive variables from UsdGeomPointInstancers.

  • GraphEditor : Fixed bugs which allowed new connections to be made in read-only graphs.

  • NodeEditor : Fixed bugs which allowed plugs to be added to read-only tweaks nodes.

  • CyclesOptions : Fixed errors in section summaries.

  • NoduleLayout : Fixed shutdown crashes triggered by custom gadgets implemented in Python.

  • ShaderTweaks : Fixed error when attempting to use a : in a parameter name.


  • Cortex : Updated to