• ShaderQuery : Added new node for querying parameters from a shader at a location.


  • USD :

    • Added support for reading .usdz files.

    • Added support for doubleSided attribute.

  • ShaderTweaks : Added dialogue for choosing parameters to tweak instead of popup menus.


  • USD : Fixed reading and writing of Color4f shader parameters.

  • InteractiveArnoldRender : Fixed crash triggered by changing the filter on an ArnoldMeshLight.

  • NodeEditor : Stopped applying “green dot” non-default plug annotations to output plugs.

  • Dot : Fixed a case where adding a Dot node between a BoxIn node and a downstream node would reverse the input and output nodules’ sides on the Dot.


  • PlugAlgo :

    • Deprecated extractDataFromPlug. Use the equivalent getValueAsData instead.

    • Added setValueFromData to set the value of an existing plug.

    • Added canSetValueFromData to return whether or not a plug’s value can be set from Data.

  • PathColumn : Add color swatch to cells containing Color3fData or Color4fData.


  • Cortex : Updated to version