• MotionPath : Added a node to generate curves representing location transforms tracked over a frame range.


  • ArnoldOptions :

    • Added options.enableProgressiveRender to allow progressive rendering to be disabled completely.

    • Added sensible min/max limits to options.progressiveMinAASamples.

    • Grouped interactive rendering options in a new section.

  • CollectScenes : Added mergeGlobals plug. This allows the globals from all collected scenes to be merged, whereas before only the globals from the first scene were passed through.


  • InteractiveArnoldRender : Fixed interactive updates to ArnoldOptions.progressiveMinAASamples.

  • NodeEditor : Fixed width of widgets for integer plugs with minimum values that require more space than maximum values.

  • Reference : Fixed bugs triggered by changing the number of columns in a referenced spreadsheet.

  • NumericWidget : Fixed editing bug in Qt 5.12.

  • Dispatch App : Fixed UI imports when not running in GUI mode.

  • Op App : Fixed UI imports when not running in GUI mode.


  • LayoutPlugValueWidget : Added support for layoutPlugValueWidget:orientation metadata, with values of either vertical or horizontal.

  • SpreadsheetUI : Added addRowButtonMenuSignal to allow customisation of Spreadsheet row addition within the UI (#4123).


  • Qt : Updated to version 5.12.10.