• ReverseWinding : Added new node that reverses the winding order of meshes (#2568).

  • MeshDistortion : Added new node that calculates the distortion of a mesh from a reference shape (#2568).


  • Stats app : Added -sets command line argument, to allow scene sets to be computed (#2572).

  • OSLObject : Added support for reading and writing UVs via new InUV and OutUV shaders (#2569).

  • SceneViewUI : Defer camera and light set computation until required (#2567).


  • Arnold : Fixed NodeEditor layout of new standard_surface shader parameters (#2573).

  • Catalogue : Fixed crash caused by non-writable directory (#2571).

  • Stats app : Fixed bugs in -preCache argument. It was using the wrong context and not respecting the -frames flag (#2572).

  • WidgetAlgo : Fixed bug when grab() with the event loop running (#2575).

  • MapOffset : Fixed bug when offsetting an indexed uv set (#2576).