• The 3D Viewer can now look through lights (#1846).

  • Prefixed NodeMenu search text for RSL and OSL shaders with ri and osl respectively (#1850).


  • Added support for trace sets (#1847). Any standard gaffer set with a name beginning with “render:” will be exported to Arnold as a trace set.

  • Fixed ArnoldDisplacement crash (#1849).

  • Added support for a gaffer.nodeMenu.category metadata value to customise the shader menu (#1850).


  • Added LightToCamera node (#1846).


  • Context (#1848)

    • Added GIL release in set() method bindings to fix potential deadlocks.

    • Fixed bug which meant that remove() wasn’t emitting changedSignal().

  • SceneAlgo

    • Added sets() overload to compute a subset of all sets.

  • RendererAlgo (preview)

    • Added RenderSets utility class.

    • Modified output methods to take a RenderSets argument.

  • ShaderPlug

    • Fixed bug involving plugs with no input (#1849).


  • Added INSTALL_POST_COMMAND option, to allow custom commands to be run after installation (#1845).