• SceneReader : ModelAPI extentsHints are now considered when loading the bounding box for a location in Gaffer. This can significantly reduce the time taken to load bounds for large USD assemblies. If necessary, this behaviour can be disabled by setting the IECOREUSD_USE_MODELAPI_BOUNDS environment variable with a value of 0.

  • ColorChooser :

    • Added channel names to identify sliders.

    • Setting the saturation to zero no longer resets the hue and setting the value to zero no longer resets the hue and saturation.

  • RenderPassEditor : Added “Select Affected Objects” popup menu item.

  • Annotations :

    • Added support for {plug} value substitutions in node annotations.

    • Added Ctrl + Enter keyboard shortcut to annotation dialogue. This applies the annotation and closes the dialogue.

  • LightEditor : Added support for Arnold light blockers and barndoor, gobo and decay light filters.


  • Cycles : Fixed rendering to the Catalogue using the batch Render node (#5905). Note that rendering a mixture of Catalogue and file outputs is still not supported, and in this case any file outputs will be ignored.

  • CodeWidget : Fixed bug that could prevent changes from being committed while the completion menu was visible.

  • Loop : Fixed handling of empty indexVariable. This now disables the Loop instead of creating an unnamed context variable.

  • ColorChooser : Fixed emission of colorChangedSignal() while the widget was in an inconsistent internal state.

  • LazyMethod : Fixed errors caused by running idle callbacks without a valid Qt Widget.


  • LightEditor : Added deregisterColumn() method for removing columns.

  • ShaderUI : Added support for nodeGadget:color metadata registered against {shaderType}:{shaderName}, to specify per-shader colouring of nodes in the GraphEditor.

  • ArnoldShaderUI : Added support for gaffer.nodeGadget.color RGB metadata in .mtd files, to specify per-shader colouring of nodes in the GraphEditor.

  • Loop : Added nextIterationContext() method.

  • AnnotationsGadget : Added annotationText() method.

  • ParallelAlgoTest : Added UIThreadCallHandler.receive() method.

  • LightEditor : Added registerShaderParameter() method for registering parameters for shader attributes that are not the same as the rendererKey.


  • Cortex : Updated to version