Chooses locations by matching them against a list of paths.


Container for user-defined plugs. Nodes should never make their own plugs here, so users are free to do as they wish.


The on/off state of the filter. When it is off, the filter does not match any locations.


The result of the filter. This should be connected into the “filter” plug of a FilteredSceneProcessor.


The list of paths to the locations to be matched by the filter. A path is formed by a sequence of names separated by /, and specifies the hierarchical position of a location within the scene. Paths may use Gaffer’s standard wildcard characters to match multiple locations.

The * wildcard matches any sequence of characters within an individual name, but never matches across names separated by a /.

  • /robot/*Arm matches /robot/leftArm, /robot/rightArm and /robot/Arm. But does not match /robot/limbs/leftArm or /robot/arm.

The ... wildcard matches any sequence of names, and can be used to match locations no matter where they are parented in the hierarchy.

  • /.../house matches /house, /street/house and /city/street/house.


An optional filter input used to provide multiple root locations which the paths are relative to. This can be useful when working on a single asset in isolation, and then placing it into multiple locations within a layout. When no filter is connected, all paths are treated as being relative to /, the true scene root.