• MeshTessellate/MeshType : Added support for special-purpose subdiv options: interpolateBoundary, faceVaryingLinearInterpolation, triangleSubdivisionRule.


  • Group : Added sets plug, to control what sets the group belongs to.

  • USD : Added automatic render-time translation of UsdPreviewSurface shaders to Cycles.

  • SetEditor : Added support for dragging a set name onto a node in the Graph Editor to create or modify a connected SetFilter node. Holding Shift while dragging will add to the set expression. Holding Control will remove from the set expression. Only set expressions with a simple list of sets are supported. Expressions with boolean or hierarchy operators are not supported.

  • GraphEditor : Improved pointer used to indicate when dropping a location would find the source node.

  • RenderPassEditor :

    • Added “Camera Inclusions” and “Camera Exclusions” columns, providing control over the camera visibility of scene locations in each render pass.

    • Added “Matte Inclusions” and “Matte Exclusions” columns, providing control over the scene locations used as holdout mattes in each render pass.


  • NameSwitch : Fixed NodeEditor tab order, so that the Settings tab precedes the Advanced tab.

  • NodeAlgo : Fixed presets inheritance for promoted plugs with multiple outputs.

  • TaskNode / GafferCortex : Fixed missing GIL releases that caused hang at ImageEngine.


  • Cortex : Updated to version

  • OpenEXR : Updated to version 3.1.13.

  • USD : Added sdrOsl, for inclusion of OSL shaders in the Sdr Registry.