• TweakPlug : Using the ListAppend and ListPrepend modes to add to a non-existent list now creates a list with the new values. Using the ListRemove mode to modify a non-existent list results in a non-existent list. All other modes retain their current missingMode behavior.

  • ImageWriter : The openexr.dataType plug now accepts an expression or spreadsheet input to set per-channel data types.


  • ImageWriter : Fixed bug with color transform alpha handling when the alpha channel was not the last channel.

  • Viewer : Fixed images not displaying when the display window was offscreen.

  • UV Inspector : Fixed texture display (broken in

  • Animation : Prevented negative zero slope.

  • Animation Editor :

    • Fixed glitch when dragging a tangent having an opposite tangent with (+/-) inf slope.

    • Fixed bug that caused exception to be raised when the parent node of an editable curve was removed.

    • Fixed bug that prevented signals from being disconnected when a key was deleted.