• Viewer : Added Ctrl+PgUp shortcut for displaying the RGBA image layer (or the first available layer if RGBA doesn’t exist).

  • RenderPassEditor :

    • Added “Inclusions”, “Exclusions” and “Additional Lights” columns, to provide control over the locations included in the render for each render pass.

    • Added the ability to display render passes grouped in a hierarchy generated from the render pass name. The default grouping uses the first token delimited by “_” from the render pass name, such that render passes named “char_gafferBot” and “char_cow” would be displayed under a “/char” group, while “prop_ball” and “prop_box” would be displayed under a “/prop” group.

    • Render pass grouping can be configured in a startup file by using GafferSceneUI.RenderPassEditor.registerPathGroupingFunction( f ), where f is a function that receives a render pass name and returns the path that the render pass should be grouped under.

    • Grouped display can be enabled by default in a startup file by using Gaffer.Metadata.registerValue( GafferSceneUI.RenderPassEditor.Settings, "displayGrouped", "userDefault", IECore.BoolData( True ) ).

    • Dragging cells selected from the “Name” column now provides a list of the selected render pass names, rather than their paths.

    • Disabled render pass names are now dimmed to more clearly indicate their state.

  • RenderPassEditor, LightEditor, PathListingWidget : Boolean values are now displayed as checkboxes rather than 0 or 1.

  • StandardOptions : Added inclusions, exclusions and additionalLights plugs, to control which locations are included in a render based on set expressions entered on these plugs. These, plus the existing includedPurposes plug are now grouped under the “Render Set” section of the UI.

  • GafferScene : Registered the “RenderSetAdaptor” adapting the render:inclusions, render:exclusions and render:additionalLights options to prune scene locations before rendering.


  • ScenePath : Added automatic conversion of a list of Python strings to a ScenePath.

  • RenderPassEditor : Added registerPathGroupingFunction() and pathGroupingFunction() methods.