• Image Viewer :

    • Added “Match Display Windows” option to Compare Mode menu. This allows the comparison mode to directly view a low-res render over a high-res plate, providing better performance than scaling up the render using the node graph.

    • The Color Inspector now shows color values for both images when comparing. Picking a color by dragging from the image now selects the composited on-screen color, taking into account “Compare Mode” and the wipe.


  • EditScope Menu :

    • Changed the order of listed EditScopes to be alphabetical.

    • Added an icon to menu items that are ancestors of the active EditScope.

    • Menu items that only have a single item in their sub-menu are now collapsed into the parent item.


  • Shader Viewer : Fixed (was broken in

  • Image Viewer :

    • Fixed visual artifact when using a wipe with Replace compare mode on images with mismatched pixel aspect ratios.

    • Fixed context used to compute the view menu for the image being shown. On the first update, an empty context was being used instead of the script’s context.

    • Color Inspector :

      • Corrected half-pixel offset in measured pixel values.

      • Pixel location indicators are no longer affected by the display color transform.

  • GraphEditor : Fixed crash when focussing an empty ContextVariables, NameSwitch or Loop node (#4944).

  • UI :

    • Fixed tooltips containing raw HTML.

    • Fixed stalls caused by Qt repeatedly accessing the same icon files.

  • DocumentationAlgo : Fixed handling of raw HTML by markdownToHTML().

  • Reference : Fixed unnecessary serialisation of connections from internal plugs to external plugs. These are serialised in the .grf file already, so do not need to be duplicated on the Reference node itself. This bug prevented changes to the internal connections from taking effect when reloading a modified .grf file, and could cause load failures when the connections were from an internal Expression (#4935).

  • MeshToLevelSet, LevelSetOffset : Fixed bug that could cause partial results to be returned if a previous operation was cancelled.

  • PlugValueWidget : Fixed unnecessary updates when calling setContext() with the same context.


  • MenuDefinition : Added icon attribute support to subMenu items.