• LightPositionTool : Added tool to the scene viewer to place shadows. With a light selected, holding Shift + V and clicking on geometry will set the pivot point used for casting a shadow. Holding V and clicking sets the point to receive the shadow. The light is repositioned to be the same distance from the pivot, along the pivot-shadow point line, and oriented to face the shadow point.


  • ArnoldShader, ArnoldColorManager, CyclesShader : Improved browsers for file parameters (#5592, #5602) :

    • Added filtering by extension.

    • Added bookmarks.

  • USDLight : Added file browser for shaping:ies:file parameter.

  • OpenColorIOContext : Added file browser for config plug.

  • Layouts : Added the ability to load layouts containing editors that aren’t currently available. This allows layouts containing new editors introduced in Gaffer 1.4 to be loaded in Gaffer 1.3.

  • TranslateTool, RotateTool : Added tooltip to the upper left corner of the Viewer explaining how to use the target modes.

  • LightTool : Changed the color of the non-highlighted handles to orange and the highlighted handles to cyan for consistency with other highlight colors.

  • Outputs : Variable substitutions are now applied to gaffer:context:* image metadata values. This is needed when the value of a context variable contains references to other variables, with the default value for project:rootDirectory being one example.


  • Arnold : Fixed translation of USD uchar attributes and shader parameters.

  • Orientation/Instancer : Now normalizes unnormalized quaternion inputs - this allows correctly processing files with primvars that contain unnormalized quaternions ( which it is possible to write from Houdini ).


  • EditScopeAlgo : Added support for editing options for a specific render pass.

  • ArnoldShaderUI : Added support for Gaffer filebrowser metadata in Arnold .mtd files. The following fields are supported, and correspond directly to the metadata documented on the PathPlugValueWidget and FileSystemPathPlugValueWidget :

    • path:leaf

    • path:valid

    • path:bookmarks

    • fileSystemPath:extensions

    • fileSystemPath:extensionsLabel