• 3Delight : Added support for USD SphereLight, RectLight, DiskLight, DistantLight, DomeLight and CylinderLight.

  • RenderPassEditor : Added a new editor UI for inspecting and editing render passes.


  • Arnold :

    • ArnoldShader : Added a colour space presets menu for the image shader.

    • Added specific warning for outputs with space in name.

    • Added normal and depth AOVs.

  • CyclesShader : Added a colour space presets menu for the image_texture and environment_texture shaders (#5618).


  • Reference : Fixed bug where GAFFER_REFERENCE_PATHS was not being searched when performing “Duplicate as Box” action.

  • Outputs :

    • Fixed bug which meant that adding an output via the UI was not undoable.

    • Fixed bug which allowed outputs to be added to a read-only node via the UI.


  • ArnoldShaderUI : Added support for colorSpace widget type metadata, allowing an OpenColorIO colour space to be chosen.

  • PathColumn : Added CellData::foreground member, to provide additional control over foreground colours in the PathListingWidget.