A bug fix in the handling of the ai:volume:step_scale attribute may change the appearance of Arnold volume renders.


  • DelightOptions : Added new options for modern 3Delight, as of version 2.9.39.

  • ShaderQuery and ShaderTweaks : Added a filter for shader parameter names in the shader browser (#5293).

  • ImageReader : Added availableFrames output plug, listing all the available frames in the current file sequence.

  • MatchPatternPathFilterWidget : Added the name of the property being filtered to the placeholder text.

  • OpenImageIOReader : The availableFrames plug no longer errors for a missing file sequence - instead it outputs an empty list.

  • PathListingWidget : Header data is now computed asynchronously, without locking the UI.

  • CollectScenes : Improved cancellation responsiveness for large lists of rootNames.


  • Arnold : Fixed bug that caused ai:volume:step_scale to be ignored if ai:volume_step was set explicitly to 0.0. This was different to the behaviour when ai:volume_step was not set at all.

  • LightEditor :

    • Fixed hang caused by the soloLights set triggering on an upstream Python expression or ComputeNode (#5365).

    • Fixed thread-safety bug that meant the LightEditor attempted to perform computes while the graph was being edited.

  • OSLImage : Fixed bug preventing channels / layers from being deleted using the right-click menu.

  • HierarchyView : Fixed crash triggered by layouts with two or more HierarchyViews (#5364).

  • Context : Fixed crash triggered by a reentrant call to Context::set() from within a slot connected to Context::changedSignal().


  • MatchPatternPathFilterWidget : Made the entries in the property menu configurable.

  • TweakPlug : Added PathMatcherData compatibility in Replace, Create, ListAppend, ListPrepend and ListRemove modes.

  • PlugAlgo :

    • Added support for creating a PathMatcherDataPlug from PathMatcherData in createPlugFromData().

    • Added support for getting PathMatcherData from a PathMatcherDataPlug in getValueAsData().

  • EditScopeAlgo : Added support for editing options.

  • BackgroundTask : A warning is now emitted if the subject can not be associated with a ScriptNode for cancellation purposes.