• EditScopePlugValueWidget : Added icon representing the Edit Scope node colour.


  • LightPositionTool : Fixed bug that caused the target/pivot positions to be lost when placing a light with Z scale not equal to 1.0.

  • SceneWriter :

    • Fixed writing of locations with names that are not valid USD identifiers.

    • Fixed handling of shader parameters not supported in USD, such as texture inputs to OpenGLShader.

  • SceneReader : Fixed duplicate loading of arnold:* attributes on lights. These are now omitted, since they are converted to parameters on the light shader itself.

  • ShaderTweaks : Fixed potential crash if a ShaderTweakProxy was used to accidentally create a cyclic connection.

  • Spreadsheet : Fixed “Sets”, “Operators” and “Select Affected Objects” popup menu items, which were broken in


  • Cortex : Updated to version


  • Menu : Menu items with “checkBox” enabled now draw their checked indicator in place of their “icon” when both are defined.

  • Image : Added createSwatch() static method.