Applies modifications, also known as “tweaks” to camera parameters or render options in the scene. Supports any number of tweaks, and custom camera parameters. Tweaks to camera parameters apply to every camera specified by the filter.

Tweaks apply to every camera specified by the filter.

Can add new camera parameters or render options.

Any existing parameters/options can be replaced or removed. Numeric parameters/options can also be added to, subtracted from, or multiplied.

Tweaks are applied in order, so if there is more than one tweak to the same parameter/option, the first tweak will be applied first, then the second, etc.


Container for user-defined plugs. Nodes should never make their own plugs here, so users are free to do as they wish.


The processed output scene.


The on/off state of the node. When it is off, the node outputs the input scene unchanged.


The input scene


The filter used to control which parts of the scene are processed. A Filter node should be connected here.


Add a camera tweak.

Arbitrary numbers of user defined tweaks may be added as children of this plug via the user interface, or via the CameraTweaks API in Python.