Applies a transformation to the local matrix of all locations matched by the filter.


Container for user-defined plugs. Nodes should never make their own plugs here, so users are free to do as they wish.


The processed output scene.


The on/off state of the node. When it is off, the node outputs the input scene unchanged.


The input scene


The filter used to control which parts of the scene are processed. A Filter node should be connected here.


The space in which the transformation is specified. Note that no matter which space is chosen, only the local matrices of the filtered locations are ever modified. They are simply modified in such as way as to emulate a modification in the chosen space.

Local : The transformation is specified in local space and is therefore post-multiplied onto the local matrix.

Parent : The transformation is specified in parent space and is therefore pre-multiplied onto the local matrix.

World : The transformation is specified in world space and will therefore be applied as if the whole world was moved. This effect is then applied on a per-location basis to each of the filtered locations.

Reset Local : The local matrix is replaced with the specified transform.

Reset World : The transformation is specified as an absolute matrix in world space. Each of the filtered locations will be moved to this absolute position.


The transform to be applied.