• Playback :

    • Added Ctrl+Right hotkey toggle for forward playback.

    • Added Ctrl+Left hotkey toggle for backward playback.

    • Pressing either of Right or Left will also stop playback.

  • Transform Tools : Added O shortcut to cycle through the orientation modes.


  • Reference : Fixed bug reloading a Reference after changing the number of points in a SplinePlug. The complete edited spline is now maintained across a reload. If the spline has not been edited, then the value is updated from the .grf file as before (#5170).

  • DispatchDialogue : Fixed AttributeError: '__Implementation' object has no attribute 'message' error.

  • Catalogue : Fixed errors caused by empty image selections.

  • MultiLineStringPlugValueWidget : Fixed bug handling Esc.

  • PathListingWidget : Fixed issue with columns set to automatically stretch not resizing if column headers are hidden.

  • Viewer : Fixed bugs which could prevent an object from being updated if its computation was previously interrupted.


  • Updated the “Assembling The Gaffer Bot” tutorial to use Cycles instead of Appleseed.