Chooses random values from a list of choices, with optional weights to specify the relative probability of each choice.

The randomness is generated from a seed and a context variable; to get useful variation either the seed or the value of the context variable must be varied too.


Container for user-defined plugs. Nodes should never make their own plugs here, so users are free to do as they wish.


Seed for the random number generator. Different seeds produce different random numbers. When controlling two different properties using the same context variable, different seeds may be used to ensure that the generated values are different.


The most important plug for achieving interesting variation. Should be set to the name of a context variable which will be different for each evaluation of the node. Good examples are scene:path to generate a different value per scene location, or frame to generate a different value per frame.


The choices that will be randomly selected between based on the seed.


The list of weights for the choices. Choices with a higher weight have a greater chance of being chosen.