Dispatches task nodes such as ImageWriters, SystemCommands and Render nodes, either from within an existing .gfr file or by creating a script on the fly. This differs from the execute app in that it performs a full dispatch via a dispatcher, rather than executing a single task node.

Example usage :

gaffer dispatch -script comp.gfr -tasks ImageWriter1 -dispatcher Local -settings -dispatcher.frameRange '"1001-1020"'

gaffer dispatch -script comp.gfr -tasks ImageWriter1 -gui -show ImageWriter1 -dispatcher Local -settings -dispatcher.frameRange '"1001-1020"'

gaffer dispatch -gui -tasks GafferDispatch.SystemCommand -dispatcher Local -settings -SystemCommand.command '"ls -l"'


Prints names and descriptions of each parameter rather than running the application.


The maximum number of threads used for computation. The default value of zero matches the number of threads to the available hardware cores. Negative values specify a thread count relative to the available cores, leaving some in reserve for other applications. Positive values specify the thread count explicitly, but are clamped so it does not exceed the available cores.


If this is specified, then the application is run using the cProfile profiling module, and the results saved to the file for later examination.


Determines whether a gui is presented prior to dispatching or the tasks are dispatched directly.


An optional script containing the task network to be dispatched.


Causes errors which occur while loading the script to be ignored. Not recommended.


Applies userDefault values to all nodes and plugs created by the app. Note if a script is supplied, the nodes will be unaffected.


The names of the task nodes to dispatch. Note if a script is supplied, the tasks must exist within the script. If no script is supplied, the task nodes will be constructed on the fly and added to a default script.


A list of nodes to display when running the gui. This parameter has no effect unless the gui is loaded.


The type of dispatcher to use for the dispatch. A new dispatcher of this type will be created, with userDefaults applied.


A list of alternate dispatcher types to make available when running the gui. This parameter has no effect unless the gui is loaded.


The values to be set on the nodes, dispatcher, or Context. Values should be in the format -nodeA.plugA value -nodeA.plugB value -nodeB.plugC value -dispatcher.plugD value -LocalDispatcher.plugE value -context.entry value