• ShaderTweaks : Added support for creating ShaderTweakProxy nodes that allow making input connections to the original network.

  • 3Delight : Added interactive Viewer renderer.


  • SetFilter, StandardAttributes, StandardOptions : Added syntax highlighting and auto-complete for set expressions.

  • NodeEditor, UIEditor, PythonEditor : Added popup hint for the Ctrl+Return shortcut.

  • CodeWidget : Added highlighting of braces and operators.

  • RenderPassEditor : Added preset menu for choosing a render pass type from the list of available registered types. An “auto” type is included in the list when an auto type function has been registered.

  • OptionTweaks : Tweak value plugs can now access metadata registered globally to option:{tweakName}, where {tweakName} is the value of the tweak’s name plug.

  • Spreadsheet : Added support for metadata to be automatically forwarded from plugs downstream of a column’s out plug to the column’s default row.


  • CodeWidget :

    • Removed unwanted \n prefix in lines passed to Completers.

    • Prevented spurious emission of editingFinishedSignal() when showing the completions menu.

    • Prevented the completion menu from popping up inappropriately when the highlighter was changed.

  • MultiLineTextWidget :

    • Fixed rendering of disabled widgets, which now show faded text.

    • Fixed behaviour of editingFinishedSignal() to match TextWidget : it is now also emitted when the text is activated (see activatedSignal()).

  • MultiLineStringMetadataWidget : The Ctrl+Return shortcut now updates the metadata value immediately.

  • UIEditor : The Ctrl+Return shortcut now updates the button code immediately.

  • Cryptomatte :

    • Fixed errors when the input image didn’t contain the main RGBA channels.

    • Fixed inaccurate hash.

  • SceneAlgo : Fixed exception handling for Python render adaptors. Previously an exception during adaptor construction caused a SystemError.

  • InteractiveRender :

    • Fixed crash triggered by a render adaptor depending on its renderer input to adapt the scene globals.

    • Removed unintentional ability for render adaptors to change the renderer being used.


  • TextWidget : Added selectedText() convenience method.

  • MultiLineTextWidget : Added setSelection() and getSelection() methods.

  • SetExpressionPlugValueWidget : Added new editor for set expressions, with syntax highlighting and auto-complete.

  • RenderPassTypeAdaptor : Added autoTypeFunction() method.