• ArnoldShader : Improved support for camera projections by exposing the camera plug on the camera_projection shader.

  • Instancer :

    • Improved scene generation for encapsulated instancers significantly, with some production scenes now generating 5-7x faster.

    • Added omitDuplicateIds plug, to determine whether points with duplicate IDs are ignored or should trigger an error.

  • ScenePathPlugValueWidget : Added fallback to browsing the focussed scene when no other scene can be found. This makes the widget suitable for use on ShaderNodes.

  • Windows : Disabled Arnold’s ADP usage and crash reporting module by default. Users can enable it by setting ARNOLD_ADP_DISABLE=0 for Arnold versions after or ARNOLD_ADP_OPTIN=1 for earlier versions.


  • Catalogue : Fixed performance regressive when saving interactive renders with multiple AOVs (introduced in


  • Capsule : Added protected renderOptions() and throwIfNoScene() methods.

  • ScenePath : Added support for passing nullptr for the scene.

  • ArnoldShaderUI : Added support for camera widget type metadata, to add a camera browser to a string parameter.