• FramingConstraint : Added a new node for moving cameras to frame a chosen target.


  • CollectImages : Added mergeMetadata plug. This allows the metadata from all collected images to be merged, whereas before only the metadata from the first image was passed through.

  • SpreadsheetUI : Added the ability to filter the rows displayed in a spreadsheet’s UI (#5092).


  • Arnold : Moved distance shader to the Shader/Utility section of the node menu (previously in Shader/Other).

  • Graph Editor : Fixed a bug for some video drivers that led to a crash when using nodes with icons.

  • Node Editor : Removed Gang/Ungang menu options from output plugs.

  • SpreadsheetUI : Fixed bug which prevented the addition of new rows and columns when an existing plug had an input connection (#5248).

  • VectorDataWidget : Fixed bugs preventing the display of headers and values for matrix and box data.