• Arnold : Disabled ADP more thoroughly, using ARNOLD_ADP_DISABLE=1 for Arnold and greater. Set ARNOLD_ADP_DISABLE=0 before running Gaffer if you wish to use ADP.

  • Cycles :

    • Added warning when a shader contains a parameter which does not exist in Cycles.

    • Added warning when a shader contains a parameter with an unsupported datatype.

    • Added warning when a shader contains an enum parameter with an invalid value.

    • Added support for passing InternedStringData to enum and string parameters.


  • Backups : Fixed error when a backup file contained characters that couldn’t be represented using the current locale. This could be triggered by a separate bug in OpenShadingLanguage that caused the locale to be changed unnecessarily (#5048).

  • Viewer :

    • Fixed crash when switching from Cycles to OpenGL rendering (#5051).

    • Fixed potential crash when destroying a raytraced viewport.

  • Cyles :

    • Fixed crashes caused by providing unsupported data types in shader parameters.

    • Fixed support for Color4f values on colour shader parameters. This can be useful when loading non-standard USD files.

    • Fixed support for V[23]i values on vector shader parameters.

    • Fixed handling of colour array parameters.


  • TestCase : Added scopedLocale() method.