• ContextVariableTweaks : Added a new node for tweaking the context used to evaluate upstream nodes.


  • Cycles :

    • Replaced size on portals and quad lights with separate width and height parameters, and renamed size parameter of disk lights to width.

    • Added use_camera, use_caustics and normalize parameters to lights.

  • TweakPlug : Added a CreateIfMissing mode, to only create a new value if one does not currently exist.

  • OSLObject : Added support for attribute substitutions using <attr:myAttrName> syntax in string parameters, provided that useAttributes is turned on.

  • UIEditor : Increased maximum size of the “Button Click Code” editor.


  • NodeEditor : Added “Promote Value and Switch” context menu item for promoting NameValuePlugs to Boxes.


  • Viewer :

    • Fixed Default display transform so that it updates correctly when the default is changed via the Preferences dialogue, and when the context changes.

    • Fixed drawing of image pixels to the left of the display window.

  • Cycles :

    • Fixed custom AOVs (for SVM shading mode only, Cycles doesn’t support custom AOVs in OSL mode) (#5044).

    • Fixed units for distant light angle (now degrees and not radians).

    • Fixed assignment of emission shader. Previously this was being assigned as a cycles:light attribute instead of cycles:surface (#5058).

    • Hid internal shader plugs which shouldn’t be exposed to the user (e.g. surface_mix_weight).

  • UVInspector : Fixed update delay when changing display transform.

  • Random : Fixed GIL management bug which could lead to hangs.

  • ShaderTweaks : Fixed Remove mode.

  • FilterQuery : Fixed bug which prevented the output from updating when the input scene changed (#5066).

  • Arnold : Fixed rendering of token enum parameter values loaded from USD.