• ArnoldAttributes : Added pointsMinPixelWidth plug.

  • EditScope : Hid the BoxIn.name and BoxOut.name plugs from the NodeEditor, since it is not editable and the name is always in or out respectively.

  • Limits : Increased soft file handle limit (RLIMIT_NOFILE) to match the hard limit (Linux only).

  • SceneReader :

    • Fixed I/O Exception errors triggered by closing and reopening the same USD file.

    • Increased the default limit for the number of open files to 2000 (or 25% of the file handle limit, whichever is lowest).


  • NodeEditor : Reverted change that prevented a plug being unlocked if static readOnly metadata was registered against it.

  • EditMenu : Fixed errors using “Duplicate with Inputs” with certain configurations of Dot node (#5309).

  • Dot : Fixed the display of context-sensitive label values (#5330).


  • CatalogueUI : Made ImageListing widget public so it can be customized using the API.


  • Cortex : Updated to