• 3Delight :

    • Added support for VDB volume objects.

    • Added support for vdbVolume shader.

    • Added support for volumeshader and displacementshader attributes.

    • Added support for spline parameters in shaders.


  • SceneReader : Added support for reading from in-memory USD stages using a filename of the form stageCache:{id}.usd where {id} specifies a stage which has been inserted in the UsdUtilsStageCache.

  • Resample, Resize, Blur, ImageTransform : Improved performance, resulting in a 3x speedup in an obscure case, and a 5-10% speedup in more common cases.

  • ImageSampler : Added interpolate plug to control interpolation. Previously created ImageSamplers are unaffected, but interpolation is off by default for newly created ImageSamplers.

  • 3Delight :

    • Moved shaders to 3Delight/Shader menu and removed outdated shaders from the menu.

    • Shaders (including light shaders) are only loaded from the osl subdirectory of the 3Delight installation.

    • Primitive variables named uv are now automatically renamed st for compatibility with the uvCoord shader’s expectation.

    • Added a default uvCoord shader during internal shader network preprocessing to shader parameters that do not have an input connection.

  • SetEditor : Added columns for controlling the Visible Set membership of set members. These allow the current members of a set to be included or excluded from the Visible Set by clicking within the Set Editor’s Inclusions and Exclusions columns.


  • SceneReader :

    • Fixed handling of invalid values on the following USD attributes :

      • PointBased : positions, normals, velocities, accelerations.

      • Curves : widths.

      • PointInstancer : ids, protoIndices, orientations, scales, velocities, accelerations, angularVelocities.

      • Points : ids, widths. Invalid values are now ignored with a warning, instead of loading as invalid primitive variables.

    • Fixed treatment of unconnected material outputs. If they were “authored” but not connected to a source, they were incorrectly being treated as valid attributes, and were being loaded as empty ShaderNetworks which caused problems elsewhere.

  • DispatchDialogue : Changed the button label for the results display from “Ok” to “Close”.

  • Viewer : Fixed display of infinite values in the pixel inspectors. These were being incorrectly displayed as nan instead of inf.

  • OptionTweaks : Fixed bug that prevented multiple tweaks being made to the same option in one node.


  • SceneAlgo :

    • Added findAll() method, for finding all scene locations matching a predicate.

    • Added findAllWithAttribute() method, for finding all scene locations with a particular attribute.

  • ThreadState : Added process() method.

  • Process : Added const overload for handleException() method. The non-const version will be removed in future.

  • ContextMonitor : Added Statistics::variableHashes() method, allowing introspection of specific variable values.


  • MacOS : Fixed compilation with Clang 13.

  • Cortex : Updated to version