• SetQuery : Added a new node for querying the set memberships of a location.


  • UIEditor : Added Allow Custom Values checkbox to the Widget Settings section for the Presets Menu widget. When on, this allows the user to enter their own custom values in addition to choosing presets from the menu.

  • Image View : Added support for custom presets for choosing catalogue outputs to compare to. This can be set up like Gaffer.Metadata.registerNodeValue( GafferImageUI.ImageView, "compare.catalogueOutput", "preset:MyPreset", "myNamespace:specialImage" ). The Catalogue won’t know how to deal with a request for “myNamespace:specialImage”, and will just output an error image, but this could be useful in pipelines where Catalogue’s are wrapped in custom nodes that can respond to this special value of the catalogue:imageName. If you want to provide a custom icon for your custom mode, Gaffer will search for an icon name catalogueOutput{preset name}.png.

  • Animation Editor : Added UI tooltips to menu items for TieMode and Interpolation.

  • CopyPrimitiveVariables : Added ignoreIncompatible plug which will cause the node to not error when attempting to copy primitive variables from the source object that are imcompatible with the destination object.

  • Arnold : Enabled support for using the layerName parameter with non-LPE outputs. This requires a minimum of Arnold, because it contains a fix for ARNOLD-12282.

  • ShaderQuery : Added “From Selection” menu item to the popup menus for the shader plug and parameter adder.

  • File browsers : Excessively long filter labels are now truncated, instead of making the widget too wide.

  • PathParameterValueWidget : The extensions specified by the parameter are now translated to fileSystemPath:extensions metadata, enabling filtering in the Gaffer file browser.


  • Viewer : Added missing bookmarks 1-4 to the image comparison menu.

  • MessagesBinding : Fixed GIL management bug that could cause crashes when performing an interactive render.

  • Spreadsheet : Fixed crash when connecting a StringVectorDataPlug to a row’s name plug.

  • Documentation : Fixed “In this article” navigation column contents on pages containing figures.


  • Animation :

    • Added description metadata for Animation.Interpolation enum values that is used to generate UI tooltips.

    • Added description metadata for Animation.TieMode enum values that is used to generate UI tooltips.