• SceneReader :

    • Improved performance when reading sets from USD compositions with many instances.

    • Improved performance when reading materials from USD instances.

    • Removed scene:path and scene:setName variables from context used to evaluate fileName, refreshCount and tags plugs. This prevents logical impossibilities like changing the file per location, and also reduces pressure on the hash cache.

    • Improved performance when USD files are queried for sets which don’t exist. This can be a substantial improvement when a complex USD file without sets is used within a node graph which adds many sets downstream.


  • SceneReader : Fixed loading of __cameras, __lights and usd:pointInstancers sets from USD instances.

  • Gaffer module : Delayed loading of config files until the Gaffer module is completely defined.


  • SceneReader : Added environment variables to control cache policies.

    • GAFFERSCENE_SCENEREADER_OBJECT_CACHEPOLICY controls the policy for objects.

    • GAFFERSCENE_SCENEREADER_SETNAMES_CACHEPOLICY controls the policy for set names.

    • GAFFERSCENE_SCENEREADER_SET_CACHEPOLICY controls the policy for sets.

    • Default policies remain unchanged, but Standard policy may yield improved performance and reduced memory usage for Alembic or USD files making heavy use of instancing.


  • Cortex : Updated to