• RenderPassEditor :

    • Added type column for configuring specific passes to render with a predefined type. We provide default configurations of a number of render pass types, these can be modified to suit specific workflows via the RenderPassShader node or by registering new types and processors via the RenderPassTypeAdaptor in a startup file.

    • The default render pass type configurations include :

      • A “shadow” type for catching shadows cast by caster locations on catcher locations.

      • A “reflection” type for catching reflections cast by caster locations on catcher locations. The roughness of the reflective material can be configured per catcher location by creating a user:renderPass:reflectionCatcher:roughness float attribute.

      • A “reflectionAlpha” type for catching reflection mattes cast by caster locations on catcher locations. The colour of the matte can be configured per caster location by creating a user:renderPass:reflectionCaster:color Color3f attribute.

  • RenderPassShader : Added new node for overriding a shader used by a render pass type.


  • 3Delight :

    • Added support for multipart EXR renders by using the same file name parameter on multiple outputs.

    • Added support for scalarformat, colorprofile, filterwidth and arbitrary custom NSI outputlayer and outputdriver attributes.

    • Updated the default output presets to include scalarformat, colorprofile, filter and filterwidth output parameters.

  • LightPositionTool : Changed the pointer to notEditable when using keyboard combinations that do not apply to the current tool mode.

  • LightEditor : Added the ability to register columns for editing any parameter in a light’s shader network. The parameter to edit is registered in the form shaderName.parameterName when calling GafferSceneUI.LightEditor.registerParameter.

  • PathFilterUI : Added the ability to drag and drop scene paths onto Box and Reference nodes. Doing so will create a new PathFilter with the selected paths if none is connected, or update an existing connected PathFilter.


  • SceneReader, SceneWriter : Fixed handling of Arnold-specific parameters on UsdLux lights.

  • SceneWriter : Fixed import of treatAsPoint and treatAsLine parameters on UsdLux lights.

  • Linux : Fixed crashes at startup on platforms - including RHEL 9.4 - with a more recent glibc (#5856).

  • LightPositionTool : Fixed bug that allowed a non-light object to be moved by clicking or dragging the target or pivot.

  • OptionQuery : Fixed bug which allowed the scene:path context variable to leak into the context used to evaluate the globals.


  • ShaderPlug : Added parameterSource() method returning the ValuePlug responsible for generating a parameter in a shader network.

  • ParameterInspector : Added the ability to inspect parameters on any shader in a light or shader’s shader network.

  • RenderPassTypeAdaptor :

    • Added registration methods for defining render pass types and processors.

    • Added registerAutoTypeFunction() method to define a function used to automatically derive the render pass type from the render pass name when the renderPass:type option value is “auto”.