• 3Delight : Added “3Delight Cloud” renderer, for rendering using the 3Delight cloud.


  • Arnold : If it exists, an ai:volume attribute is preferred over an ai:surface attribute when resolving shaders for volumes.

  • Cycles :

    • Updated the UI of Cycles shaders and lights for ease of use and to match Blender conventions.

    • Hide certain parameters based on UI selections.

    • Renamed and reordered parameters and created sections to match Blender.

    • Changed all the Cycles items in the Gaffer tab menu to title case.

  • PythonCommand : Added standard popup menu to command widget in NodeEditor.


  • Arnold :

    • Fixed rendering of ai:volume shaders loaded from USD (#5830).

    • Renamed Arnold/Globals/Imager menu option to Arnold/Globals/Imagers so that the actual ArnoldImager node menu option wasn’t overwritten.

  • CodeWidget : Fixed errors handling highlights which spanned more than one line, such as triple-quoted strings in the PythonEditor.

  • NodeEditor : Fixed broken layouts caused by computation errors in plugs used by section summaries.

  • ColorChooserPlugValueWidget : Fixed bug that allowed the editing of locked plugs and nodes.


  • SceneAlgo : Added mechanism for scoping render adaptors to specific clients and/or renderers.


  • Fixed issue where gaffer wrapper may not exist when calling usdGenSchema from a clean build.