• Fixed bug which prevented newly created nodes from being inserted inline in the Node Graph.
  • Added error display to string and numeric plug widgets - typically this is useful when a bad expression has been entered. Previously bad expressions would break the UI.
  • Optimised the 3d view significantly.
  • Fixed UI reordering bug in UIEditor (#847).
  • Added menu item for deleting CompoundDataPlugValueWidget children.


  • Added ignoreScriptLoadErrors parameter to execute app.


  • LocalDispatcher now has an option to ignore errors when loading the script (#1084).


  • Fixed Grid node GL shader assignment.
  • Fixed bug in Instancer dirty propagation.
  • Fixed SubTree set computation when root path omits the leading slash.
  • Added “isolate from” capability to GafferScene.Isolate node.


  • Added support for invalid variants to GafferUI._Variant.fromVariant().
  • Added TextWidget setErrored()/getErrored() methods.
  • Added GafferSceneUI::SceneGadget class, for optimised display of scenes in OpenGL.
  • Removed bloat from SceneProcedural - this was being used previously to implement the viewer but is no longer needed.
  • Added ValuePlug::getValue() arguments for when hash is known.
  • Added TypedPlugClass helper to GafferBindings.
  • Improved exceptions thrown from ScriptNode::execute().
  • ScriptProcedural now ignores errors when loading the script.
  • Added PlugLayout.layoutOrder() static method.
  • Fixed deadlocks if computes spawn their own threads.
  • Added GafferScene::PathMatcher::prune() and isEmpty() methods.


  • Added argument to ValuePlug::getObjectValue(), and associated derived class getValue() calls. Source compatibility is maintained, but binary compatibility is not.
  • View::setContext() is now virtual.


  • Requires Cortex 9.0.0-a10