• Renamed ColorPlug child names to rgba rather than xyzw (issue #133).
  • File->SaveAs… menu item now adds the file to the recent files list.
  • Fixed unwanted vertical expansion of color plug widgets.
  • Removed the unwanted visualisation of the “name” plug on shaders in the Node Graph.
  • Added NodeGraph plugContextMenuSignal() and connectionContextMenuSignal() to allow customisable right click menus for plugs and connections (issue #122).
  • RenderManShader annotations are now correctly reloaded when the shader itself is reloaded.
  • RenderManShader UI produces more sensible errors when bad annotations are discovered.
  • Fixed parameter ordering in RenderManShader UI (issue #136).
  • Fixed bug which prevented numeric plug entry fields from showing the correct value when values outside the allowable range were entered.