• Viewer : Added overscan display when looking through a suitably configured render camera.
  • Spreadsheet : Improved performance when constructing large Spreadsheets.


  • Spreadsheet :
    • Fixed bug which caused incorrect column widths after deleting a column (#3630, #3631).
    • Fixed bug that caused a load failure if a row had been deleted prior to saving.
  • Viewer/InteractiveRender : Fixed bug that caused unnecessary attribute updates when changing globals.
  • GraphComponent : Fixed Range and RecursiveRange iterators so that they correctly filter classes defined in Python (#3441).
  • MenuButton : Fixed bug that caused buttons to remain highlighted after their menu was closed.
  • StringPlug : Added compatibility for loading files saved in a future Gaffer release.


  • Spreadsheet : Added Python binding for RowsPlug.defaultRow().
  • Serialisation : Added childIdentifier() method.