• ClosestPointSampler : Added a new node for sampling primitive variables from the closest point on a source primitive.
  • CurveSampler : Added a new node for sampling primitive variables from parametric positions on some source curves.
  • ArnoldColorManager : Added a new node for specifying the colour manager for use in Arnold renders (#3523).
  • Viewer : Added overlay to Image views to control interactive renders where available (#3419).


  • Spreadsheet : Added a popup menu item for promoting spreadsheet plugs.
  • InteractiveRender : Improved presentation of render control buttons (#3419).


  • Spreadsheet : Fixed pattern matching bugs when using ${scene:path} as the selector. In this case, * no longer matches /, and ... is now supported.
  • TranslateTool : Fixed problems translating an object with a downstream AimConstraint applied.
  • Instancer : Fixed crashes caused by attempts to instance onto a location without a primitive (#3715).
  • Script Settings :
    • Fixed errors showing the popup menu for the frameRange plug.
    • Fixed Spreadsheet menu items.
  • UI : Fixed appearance of button icons when disabled.
  • FilterResults : Fixed the UI to show the connected filter instead of a meaningless numeric value. This also avoids triggering spurious errors on PathFilter nodes.
  • Viewer :
    • Fixed crash displaying and/or manipulating objects with zero scale transform components.
    • Fixed EditScope menu to include scopes nested inside Boxes.
    • Fixed EditScope menu button so it updates when the EditScope is renamed.
  • NodeAlgo : Fixed bugs that prevented visitation of nodes nested inside Boxes.
  • ColorSwatch : Fixed highlighted appearance (#3735).


  • PrimitiveSampler : Added a new base class for nodes which sample primitive variables using an IECoreScene::PrimitiveEvaluator.
  • Arnold Renderer : Added support for an ai:color_manager option.