• ArnoldLightFilter : Fixed bug which caused animated light blockers to lose their transform.
  • NodeEditor : Fixed bug that allowed drag and drop to create unwanted input connections to output plugs.
  • GraphComponent : Fixed bug that allowed construction with an invalid name (#3436).
  • Layouts : Keyboard shortcuts will now work in detached panels restored with a layout.
  • ArnoldLight : Fixed a bug that prevented OSL shaders being used with Arnold lights.
  • GraphEditor : Fixed several bugs and a crash that could occur when a parent of the editor’s root node was changed or deleted.
  • ImageReader : Fixed bug which meant that changes to the default format were not respected.
  • UVInspector : Fixed bug which prevented alternative UV sets from being viewed.
  • SceneInspector : Fixed bug comparing objects where a particular primitive variable existed on only one of the objects (#3432).