• Optimised CompoundDataPlug::hash() to ignore disabled members. This reduces globals hashing time by 20% for a complex production scene.
  • Fixes Expression serialisation bugs (#1081, #1243).
  • Optimised ValuePlug hash caching. It now caches more aggressively, keeping cache entries alive across multiple computations. This reduces scene traversal time for a complex production scene by 70%.
  • Improved dirty propagation mechanism.
    • Batched propagation for UndoContexts, so dirtiness is signalled only once for operations batched within a single undo action.
    • Fixed bugs which meant dirtiness was signalled when child/parent plug connections were in an inconsistent state.
    • Addition and removal of dynamic plugs now triggers dirty propagation.
  • The values of environment variables used for string plug substitutions are now frozen at startup.


  • Improved indicator for non-default plug values (#1216).
  • Added copy/paste entries to plug menus (#601).
  • SceneInspector now shows parameters for ExternalProcedural and Light objects.
  • Added available set names to Set node “sets” plug popup menu.


  • Fixed PathMatcher wildcard matching bug (#1252).
  • Added Parameters node. This can be used for tweaking the parameters of lights, cameras and external procedurals (#1259).
  • Added PointsType node (#476).
  • Fixes Seeds node to take into account the bounding box of the generated points.
  • Fixed dirty propagation bugs in CoordinateSystem and ClippingPlane nodes.
  • Improved InteractiveRenderer pausing during edits.
  • Added DeleteSets node.
  • Fixed CustomOptions dirty propagation (#1039).
  • Fixed ContextVariables dirty propagation.
  • Optimised Filter mechanism, giving a 7-20% improvement in performance across a range of production scenes.


  • Added support for interactive renderering with shader and light edits.


  • Added support for image metadata
    • ImagePlug has a new metadata child plug.
    • ImageReader reads metadata from file.
    • ImageWriter writes metadata to file.
    • ImagePrimitiveSource loads metadata from ImagePrimitive::blindData().
    • Merge copies metadata from the first input.
    • ImageMetadata node creates/sets metadata.
    • DeleteImageMetadata node removed metadata.
    • CopyImageMetadata transfers metadata from one image to another.
  • Optimised many nodes with direct internal pass-though connections.


  • StringAlgo
    • Added hasWildcards() function.
    • Removed flawed MatchPatternLess (#1252).
  • NodeAlgo
    • Added isSetToUserDefault( plug ) function.
  • RendererAlgo
    • Added outputAttributes() method.
  • ImageNode
    • hash*() and compute*() methods are no longer pure virtual. This allows subclasses to make direct internal connections to pass through input plugs unchanged.
  • PlugValueWidget
    • Replaced _dropValue() method with _convertValue().
  • Menu
    • Added support for functools.partial( WeakMethod ) in menu commands.
  • Simplified and improved Merge node implementation.
  • Added MetadataProcessor base class to GafferImage.
  • Added Plug::dirty() virtual method. This is used to inform a Plug that it has been dirtied by Plug::propagateDirtiness().
  • Fixed DependencyNodeWrapper to translate python exceptions to C++.


  • Fixed compilation without NDEBUG=1 with gcc 4.1.2.


  • Removed MatchPatternLess from StringAlgo.h.
  • Replaced PlugValueWidget _dropValue() method with _convertValue().
  • Removed GafferImage::FilterProcessor.
  • Added/removed virtual overrides in GafferImage.
  • Added virtual function to Plug.