• ParameterisedHolders now allow some Parameters to opt out of representation as a Plug by adding a “noHostMapping” user data item with a value of BoolData( True ).

  • Can now implement and use ParameterHandlers in python.

  • Ctrl-C now correctly kills Gaffer

  • Fixed type registration for TypedObjectPlugs.

  • Fixed NodeEditor lag when selecting several nodes in the GraphEditor.

  • Added a factory mechanism for Nodules, allowing different nodules to be used for different plugs. Used this to implement an ArrayNodule type which allows connections to the children of a CompoundPlug to be managed. The code below can be used to demonstrate this :

    import GafferUI GafferUI.Nodule.registerNodule( Gaffer.Node.staticTypeId(), “c”, GafferUI.ArrayNodule )

    n = Gaffer.Node()

    n.addChild( Gaffer.CompoundPlug( “c” ) ) n[“c”].addChild( Gaffer.IntPlug( “a” ) ) n[“c”].addChild( Gaffer.IntPlug( “b” ) ) n[“c”].addChild( Gaffer.IntPlug( “c” ) )

    addChild( n )

    n2 = Gaffer.Node() n2.addChild( Gaffer.IntPlug( “o”, Gaffer.Plug.Direction.Out ) )

    addChild( n2 )

  • Fixed bug which caused “RuntimeError: Internal C++ object (PySide.QtGui.QLineEdit) already deleted.” messages to be displayed.