This is primarily a bugfix release.


  • Documented all nodes and plugs.

  • Improved Reference workflow

    • Boxes exported for referencing contain new default values for all promoted plugs to match their current values on the Box.

    • When reloading a reference, only values the user has changed from their defaults will be kept. Other values will be updated from the new reference.

    • Box metadata is included when exporting for referencing. This means that colours and descriptions set via the UIEditor will be transferred onto any Reference nodes which load the exported reference (#1171).

  • Added “-threads” command line argument to Gaffer.Application

  • Fixed “gaffer execute” error handling


  • Documented all nodes and plugs.


  • Added hack for controlling TBB concurrency from SceneProcedural

    • Using the GAFFERSCENE_SCENEPROCEDURAL_THREADS environment variable


  • Fixed hangs caused by deleting or reconnecting a paused InteractiveRenderManRender node.


  • Fixed render threads and texture memory options.


  • Fixed bug which prevented serialisation of read only FormatPlugs.


  • Fixed creation of expressions for BoolPlugs.

  • Fixed context used by scene view camera chooser.


  • Added Metadata::registerNode() method. This allows all the metadata for a node and its plugs to be registered with a single function call (#1160).

  • Added GafferTest.TestCase.assertNodesAreDocumented().

  • Serialisation

    • Added serialisation argument to Serialiser::constructor().

    • Added Serialisation::parent() accessor.

  • ValuePlug

    • Simplified handling of default values.

    • Added isSetToDefault() method.

  • Made CompoundDataPlug::addMember() set default value for name plug (#935).

  • Added Python bindings for tbb::task_scheduler_init


  • Added argument to virtual method Serialiser::constructor().

  • Changed layout of ValuePlug classes.

  • Removed virtual overrides from some ValuePlug classes.

  • Added virtual method to ValuePlug.


  • Updated public build to use Cortex 9.0.0-b3.

  • Included Shiboken module in release packages.