• RandomChoice : Added new node for choosing a random value from a list of weighted choices.

  • ArnoldImager : Added new node for adding Arnold imagers to the scene globals.


  • LightEditor/SceneViewInspector : Improved performance when viewing complex scenes.

  • GraphEditor :

    • The focus widget now ignores right clicks, avoiding situations where attempting to open a context menu could accidentally change focus.

    • Removed the focus widget from Expression, Random, Spreadsheet and Animation nodes.

  • StandardAttributes : Added attributes.displayColor plug, for controlling the colour of objects in the Viewer.

  • UI : The UI is now scaled automatically for high-resolution monitors on Linux (#2157). Set the QT_ENABLE_HIGHDPI_SCALING environment variable to 0 to disable.

  • ArnoldOptions : Added ignore_imagers option.


  • Viewer : Fixed gnomon, which went missing in Gaffer

  • PathListingWidget : Fixed hangs triggered by hiding a widget while Python-based columns were being queried.

  • VectorDataWidget :

    • Fixed header visibility when setHeader() is called after construction.

    • Fixed errors displaying vectors of differing lengths. Note : it is not yet possible to edit vectors of differing lengths.

  • PrimitiveInspector :

    • Fixed errors displaying Constant primitive variables with differing array lengths.

    • Fixed header tooltip formatting to match the SceneInspector.

  • LightEditor : Fixed column widths. This was only an issue in Qt 5.12 builds, not the official GafferHQ builds.

  • USD :

    • Fixed Failed to load attribute warnings caused by attributes without an authored value.

    • Fixed loading of Houdini-style paired primitive variables used to represent varying-length-arrays per vertex/face.


  • StandardNodeGadget : Added nodeGadget:focusGadgetVisible metadata.

  • VectorDataPlugValueWidget :

    • Added support for showing plugs with children, with each child forming a column in the UI.

    • Added vectorDataPlugValueWidget:elementDefaultValue metadata, used to provide the initial value for newly added rows.


  • Cortex : Updated to version

  • Arnold : Added source compatibility for Arnold 7.1.