• Preferences : Added support for OpenColorIO context variables. These may contain references to Gaffer context variables via the standard ${variable} syntax, but please note that such variables are only available in the Viewer and not in the rest of the UI (for instance, colour swatches and pickers).

  • Viewer : Increased the size of transform tool handle hit areas.

  • Arnold : Moved debug log messages into the Debug severity and added support for Memory and Timestamp options.


  • Node Editor : Fix bug in section decoration when a plug was set to its user default.

  • ErrorDialogue : Fixed extremely slow display of warning and error messages. This was particularly apparent when showing errors that occurred while opening files.

  • Viewer : Fixed Default display transform so that it updates correctly when the default is changed via the Preferences dialogue, and when the context changes.

  • UVView : Fixed a performance regression vs 0.57 when displaying many UDIM textures.

  • OpDialogue, DispatchDialogue, ErrorDialogue : Fixed missing filtering controls for progress messages.

  • Encapsulate : Fixed bug where globals and render sets were evaluated in the wrong context.

  • OSLObject : Fixed invalid reads from Constant array primitive variables.

  • PresetsPlugValueWidget/PlugValueWidget : Fixed bugs handling context-sensitive presets.


  • MessageWidget : setMessages() now also accepts messages in the format used by IECore.CapturingMessageHandler.

  • WidgetAlgo : Added keepUntilIdle() method.

  • OpenColorIOTransform : Added processor() and processorHash() public methods.