• CollectScenes : Added support for collecting at roots of arbitrary depth.

  • AttributeVisualiser : Added support for V2f, V3f, V2i, V3i, V2d and V3d data types.

  • Node Editor : Added decoration to collapsed sections when any of their children have non-default values.

  • HierarchyView : Added Ctrl + C shortcut/context menu action to copy the selected paths to the clipboard.

  • UI : Added support for basic math operators (+, -, /, *, %) in numeric fields.


  • PrimitiveInspector :

    • Fixed bug that caused data lists to lose their scroll position during updates.

    • Fixed bug that could cause the inspector to show a different location to other Editors.

    • Fixed bug when the selected location doesn’t exist in the input scene.

  • Attributes : Fixed bug that could prevent interactive updates when the global plug was on.

  • CollectScenes : Fixed childNames hashing bug.

  • NodeAlgo : Fixed bug that caused isSetToUserDefault() to return True when the plug’s input was from a ComputeNode. Like ValuePlug::isSetToDefault(), isSetToUserDefault() will now never trigger a compute, and all computed inputs are treated as non-default.

  • GafferArnold : Added missing GafferOSL Python bindings import.

  • Plug : Fixed bug that could break IPR updates following a node graph edit (#3911).

  • Viewer : Fixed CropWindow tool reset button size.


  • OpenImageIOReader : Added methods for controlling the maximum number of images files to keep open at one time.