• Improved dirtiness propagation mechanism to remove duplicate signal emission.


  • Backdrop improvements

    • Backdrop contents can now be scaled, so large backdrops can still have readable text when zoomed out.

    • Fixed bug which meant that empty backdrops didn’t immediately redraw as highlighted when selected.

    • Improved resizing behaviour.

    • Fixed cut and paste bug.


  • Added doublesided attribute to StandardAttributes node (#275).


  • Fixed packaging of Arnold plugins.

  • Fixed problem where light shaders weren’t being created as lights.


  • Fixed public build to work with older 3delight versions where RiProceduralV isn’t available.

  • Added support for several new attributes in RenderManAttributes node (#275).


  • The plugDirtiedSignal() is now emitted when a value has been edited with ValuePlug::setValue() - this means that observers need only ever use plugDirtiedSignal() instead of also having to use plugSetSignal() as well.

  • Added Style::characterBound(). This returns a bounding box guaranteed to cover the largest character in the font. It is useful for correctly positioning the text baseline among other things.