• AttributeQuery : Added a new node for querying the value of an attribute at a location.

  • Constraint : New target modes constrain to a vertex id or uv coordinate.


  • SceneReader/SceneWriter : Added limited support for reading and writing custom attributes via USD. Currently attributes are only supported if they are marked as custom in the USD file, and if their name contains a colon-delimited namespace, for example custom int foo:bar = 10.

  • Spreadsheet :

    • Added tooltips for column headers and sections. These can be edited using the new “Set Description…” option in the right-click popup menus.

    • Removed distracting “rows” tooltip.

    • Added value tooltips for boolean cells.

    • Added “Empty” tooltip for empty array values.

    • Fixed status bar to use the custom column label if it exists.

  • UVInspector : Added ability to drag and drop UV values out of the inspector.

  • Process : Added warning messages for processes which don’t respond promptly to cancellation.

  • Expression : Added “Show Name” menu item to GraphEditor context menu.


  • Render : Fixed typo and improved clarity of warning when a context variable can’t be added to an image header.


  • TextInputDialogue : Added multiLine constructor argument, to allow input of multi-line values.


  • Cortex : Updated to version