• Spreadsheet :

    • Enabled cell selection, editing is now achieved with a double-click.

    • Added menu items to cells & defaults sections to copy/paste the enabled state and value(s) of selected cells.

    • Added menu items to the row names section to disable, copy/paste or delete the selected rows.

    • Added menu items to edit the values for all selected cells of the same type simultaneously.

    • Added menu items to the section chooser to quickly select a specific section.

  • Stats app : Added -serialise argument to measure the time taken to serialise the script.

  • Viewer : Improved highlighting of EditScope selector when an EditScope is active.


  • Viewer :

    • Render controls should now work when viewing a render after it has passed through a compositing network, providing gaffer:sourceScene and gaffer:isRendering metadata is preserved (#3888).

    • Fixed corruption of the GL stack and potential crash caused by exceptions thrown during draw.

  • SplinePlug :

    • Fixed bugs affecting default values. All child plugs are now at their default values following construction and following a call to either setToDefault() or resetDefault().

    • Fixed bug that prevented a spline from being promoted to a Box if it had a non-default number of points. This also affected the use of a spline as the input to an Expression.

  • LRUCache : Fixed bug which could cause hangs during scene generation (#4016).

  • ArnoldShader : Moved the toon shader’s rim_light_tint and aov_prefix parameters to appropriate sections in the UI.

  • Attributes : Added support for loading extraAttributes values and connections from Gaffer 0.59 and above.

  • Spreadsheet :

    • Fixed bug that caused sections to overflow the available space.

    • Fixed bug that prevented Set Expression helper menu items from appearing when accessed from a Spreadsheet cell.


  • Catalogue : Added gaffer:isRendering metadata, set to True if the viewed image is still receiving data from a display driver.

  • LRUCache : Added getIfCached() method.