• Added Support for NumericPlug->BoolPlug and BoolPlug->NumericPlug connections.


  • Added additional types to the user plug creation menu.

  • Added pre-selection highlighting in the NodeGraph (#94).

  • Added “Create Expression…” menu option for bool plugs.

  • Fixed NodeGraph resizing to crop rather than scale (#10).

  • Fixed read only CompoundPlug labels.

  • Added workarounds for Qt OpenGL problem on OS X (#404 and #396).


  • Added Parent node. This allows one hierarchy to be parented into another (#91).

  • Fixed bug which could cause incorrect bound computation at the parent node in the Instancer.

  • Seeds and Instancer classes now preserve existing children of the parent location, renaming the new locations to avoid name clashes if necessary.

  • Added tag filtering to the SceneReader node.

  • Enabled input connections to PathFilter “paths” plug. This allows it to be promoted to box level and be driven by expressions etc (#704).


  • Updated view app to contain tabs with different views (info, header, preview etc).

  • Added scene cache previews to the browser and view apps (#416).


  • Removed BranchCreator name plug - derived classes are now responsible for generating the entirety of their branch.

  • Modified BranchCreator hashing slightly to improve performance - derived classes hashBranch*() methods are now responsible for calling the base class implementation.

  • Fixed Box::canPromotePlug( readOnlyPlug ) to return false.

  • Fixed Box::canPromotePlug() to check child plugs too.

  • Fixed bug in read only Plugs with input connections.

  • Added Gadget setHighlighted() and getHighlighted() methods.

  • Added supportedExtensions() methods to ImageReader and SceneReader.

  • Added Viewer.view() and Viewer.viewGadgetWidget() methods.

  • Added NodeToolbar and StandardNodeToolbar classes.


  • Updated public build to use OpenEXR 2.1.

  • Updated public build to use OpenImageIO 1.3.12.

  • Updated public build to use OpenShadingLanguage 1.4.1.

  • Removed pkg-config from the dependency requirements.