• ArnoldLight : Improved the organisation of Arnold light parameters.

  • Catalogue : Changed image duplication behaviour so the copy is now placed above the source in the image list. If alt is held whilst duplicating, the Catalogue will switch to the last duplicate.


  • FileMenu : Fixed bug that prevented Ctrl-N from working when the mouse was over a NodeSetEditor (#3546).

  • NameSwitch : Fixed bug that prevented a NameSwitch from reloading correctly if it was first connected to an unserialisable plug.

  • Arnold : Fixed indeterminate ordering of AOVs in Arnold scene description.

  • FileIndexedIOPathPreview : Fixed bug which broke the UI when using an upcoming Cortex version.

  • Catalogue :

    • Fixed bug when drag-reordering images that could result in other images jumping positions (#3554).

    • Catalogue : Fixed bug when deleting an image that had been dragged to the top, that resulted in incorrect image selection after deletion (#3554).

  • ErrorDialogue : Fixed bug in handling of non-standard exceptions.

  • DispatchDialogue : Fixed bug in handling of non-standard exceptions.

  • PresetsPlugValueWidget : Fixed bug that meant no context variables were set when generating dynamic plug presets (#3496).

  • CropWindowTool : Fixed bug that meant no Context Variables were set when searching for the StandardOptions node (#3496).


  • ArnoldShaderUI :

    • Added support for gaffer.layout.divider and gaffer.layout.index in Arnold metadata sidecar .mtd files.

    • Added support for parameter presets in Arnold metadata sidecar .mtd files.