• Viewer : Fixed a bug in the render control widget which caused the entire Viewer to fail if there was an error computing the metadata for an image.

  • Arnold : Added workaround for Arnold bug which prevented interactive edits to quad light colour textures.

  • CopyAttributes : Fixed bugs triggered by non-existent source locations. CopyAttributes now matches the behavior of CopyPrimitiveVariables : if the source location does not exist, nothing is copied and no error is caused.

  • Viewer : Fixed bugs in the “Edit Tweaks…” menu item. The wrong ShaderTweaks node could be displayed for certain upstream configurations of nodes like CopyAttributes, ShuffleAttributes and MergeScenes.

  • OSLCode : Removed string substitutions on code, so that symbols such as # can be used directly. Substitutions were of no use anyway, because they were not being applied in a suitable context.

  • SceneAlgo : Fixed shaderTweaks() bugs that could cause the wrong node to be returned.


  • SceneAlgo : Added an attributeHistory() method which returns a computation history for one specific attribute.