• Fixed performance of acceptsInput() for serial Switch networks (#1722)

  • Context now uses GeometricTypedData where appropriate.

  • Disallow setting user defaults on nodes in nodes.

  • Fixed serialization of dynamic TransformPlug


  • Improved picking of “backwards” connections.


  • Added basic documentation.


  • Updated several nodes to register metadata in one shot with registerNode()

  • SceneView

    • Fixed drawing mode.

    • Added controls for curve drawing.

      • Using uninterpolated GL lines by default.

  • Restored default base state in SceneGadget.

  • GafferScene

    • Added preview of new Cortex Renderer API.

    • Added preview of RendererAlgo for new Renderer API.

    • Added preview of new InteractiveRender node.

  • SceneAlgo

    • Added globalAttributes() function.

  • SceneNode

    • Reduced unnecessary dirty signalling.


  • Removed unnecessary UVWarp::Engine::hash() method.

  • ImageWriter can now be subclassed in Python.


  • Updated OSLShaderUI to register metadata in one shot with registerNode()

  • OSL Expressions now support V3f data from the Context.


  • ArnoldOptions

    • Added licensing section.

    • Added basic support for controlling render logs.

  • Added preview of IECoreArnold ShaderAlgo.

  • Added preview of IECoreArnold ProceduralAlgo.

  • Added preview of new IECoreArnold Renderer.

  • Added InteractiveArnoldRender node.

  • Added support for Arnold matrix parameters as M44fPlugs


  • Remove deprecated RenderManShaderUI class

  • Updated RenderMan shaders to register metadata in one shot with registerNode()