• Light Editor :

    • Added the ability to edit multiple values at one time. With multiple cells selected, pressing Return or Enter will open a popup to edit the values for all cells.

    • Added the ability to drag from a cell and drop that cell’s value on an appropriate target.

    • Added the ability to select individual cells with the mouse and keyboard. Cells can be selected by clicking or using the up , down , left and right keys. For both the keyboard and mouse, holding Control toggles the next selection. Holding Shift range-selects the next selection.


  • ShaderQuery :

    • Fixed bug when attempting to browse shader parameters for a non-existent location.

    • Fixed bug when attempting to use the context menu to set the name of the shader to query for a non-existent location.

  • LightEditor : Removed non-functional “Name” column from Arnold section.


  • PathListingWidget :

    • Deprecated allowMultipleSelection constructor argument. Use selectionMode argument instead.

    • Added modes to selectionMode allowing single and multiple cell selections.

    • setSelection and getSelection now accept and return different types depending on the selectionMode. For Row and Rows modes, a single PathMatcher object represents the selection for all columns, maintaining backwards compatiblity. For Cell and Cells modes, a list of PatchMatcher objects, one per column, represents the selection.

  • PlugValueWidget : Added new exception types MultipleWidgetCreatorsError and MultiplePlugTypesError.